The Awakening – Financial Nirvana!

I have till now covered the basics of savings, and general errors investors are induced to commit in Real Estate. Let us now see what lies ahead for you as an investor.

For 29 years,Siddhartha was shielded by his father to avoid seeing sick, aged and suffering to avoid depression. At his birth, it was predicted that he would be either a great king or a great saint. He started on the path of enlightenment after seeing an infirm diseased man, witnessing an aged man and having seen a poor man suffering. Rest as they say is History; Siddhartha evolved into “Gautam Buddha” and enlightened the world with his philosophy of “Middle path”.

If you are reading this article then you are someone lucky enough to have been shielded similarly by your parents till now from financial wants. That you have been well fed, well kept, well-educated and generally raised in encouraging surroundings, away from hunger, sickness, infirmity, and suffering.

If you are beyond 29 years of age it is time to move from the comfort zone and have an “Awakening” of a sort to agree that we all will fall sick, age and, also, at times suffer.


  1. Stage 01 – This would be agreeing that you will need money for various contingencies and that you are not immune to the vagaries of life.
  2. Stage 02 – That this need can only be satisfied by taking the path of financial self-discipline.
  3. Stage 03 – That it is going to be an ever-evolving journey, the implication being errors and at times painful errors would be committed. The effort should be to not commit a fatal error.
  4. Stage 04 – Which it is going to be a tough but very rewarding journey if followed for a long time. This is going to be a journey which will fetch you huge returns, dignity, and confidence.
  5. Stage 05 – That with time you will continue to improve and do well but there would be periods of relative nonperformance, dip in performance, self-doubt etc.
  6. Stage 06 – To agree that everything in life needs moderation aka “The Middle Path”

Stage 01

residential projects

Congratulate yourself if you have started to witness the light at the distant horizon, the light of awareness.

Stage 02

Real Estate Consultant

Moderate your excess impulsive spends.

If you are too weak in self-control and fall easy prey to temptations then punish yourself. The easiest ways to do so is by acquiring the asset and continue to put money aside in it like clockwork.

Such effect is usually achieved by starting a recurring deposit, buying a house and paying the EMI, or starting a SIP.

This monthly consistent outgo should always be more than what you can comfortably afford. To offer an analogy the only way to develop muscles is to use weights which are slightly more than your maximum capacity to lift.

Stage 03

Property Advisor

You are now feeling the pain of not having enough elbow room to spend as you have sucked up your own liquidity. Well, it is liquidity which is the enemy number one of wealth creation.

Home Buying Decision

After some years in stage 03, say about 4-5 years, you will find that not all your money put aside, or to say fashionably “invested”, has yielded the returns you expected.

Some have not returned good rate, some have been outstanding in their yields and some are just average. Time to analyze the efforts undertaken, not as a blame or congratulations to self or anyone else but a cold analysis as to what needs to be done separately.

This analysis and the continuous work would have made you much wiser by now. Also despite some bad calls over-all you would be in a better shape.

You are about to enter

Stage 04

You would realize by now that although painful you are financially better off.

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Some of your deployments would have failed but even then you are far better than had you not started putting the money aside into some instrument consistently.

Though it is highly possible that you would have gone through periods when the markets did not actually behave to give a boost to your feelings, raising self-doubts etc. but if you have been consistent so far then you are better off as compared to from where you started.

Stage 05

Would be when it is expected that the wisdom and prudence gained in the previous 8-10 years would be utilized for better investments and by extension better returns.

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You would have by now figured out your investment comfort asset classes (which Warren Buffet mentions as areas of Core Competency), your vendors would have been established and you would have learned the discipline of being at it consistently.

You would have by now learned to bear the pain of being consistent and make yourself more exacting to reduce elbow room for fiscal comfort.

You would by now evolve much faster and wisdom would come quicker as your brain would be rewired by now.

Stage 06

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When you realize, that financial salvation, like everything else, lies in moderation.

Moderation to understand, that failures in financial investments are an essential part of the journey and would moderate your maturity.

That, it will take longer than you had imagined and hence moderation in your expectation. But it will not take too long. Most of the people make their wealth in their lifetime and enjoy it in their lifetime.

Hence start the spiritual journey of “Financial awakening” or the “Financial Nirvana”