This section has been developed as an extension of the blogs, with the intent of sharing basic concepts in the realm of personal finance management and real estate investment with relevant illustrations/examples. It is our sincere hope that these resources will help the readers in understanding useful financial concepts and pick up necessary habits to help them create wealth.

Merits of Real Estate as an Asset Class

Understanding the power of Leveraging and Compounding, and how Real Estate compares against other Asset Classes as an investment option.

Decoding Assets

Understanding the definition of an Asset class. And comparing various Asset classes to understand how they match up as investment options.

Allocating the 'Investible Surplus'

After painfully creating the ever elusive 'investible surplus', where does one invest it? What are the hierarchy of needs that place a demand on this surplus and how does one prioritize?

8 Common Errors in Investment Decision Making

Find out 8 Common Errors one makes while taking investment decisions. Once you understand them, you will know what prudent investors do to create wealth... and you can do it too.

The Path to Growing Rich

Learn about the flawed formula we use in our daily lives, which is the real roadblock on our path to becoming rich.

Decoding Personal Finance Management

Before one can think about investment to create wealth, one needs to have 'surplus' money to invest. Follow these four steps to create the ever elusive investible surplus.

Investment in second house using Home Loan

Life cycle of investment on a 10-50 year timeline

Real Estate Investments

Liquidity is Enemy of Wealth Creation

Real Estate Investments

Insurance and Investment go hand in hand but they are not same

Real Estate Investments

Risks Involved in Real Estate Investment & Ways to Attenuate Them