The initial developments of Gurugram (erstwhile Gurgaon) were, essentially as a suburb of Delhi with people wishing to live in more affordable areas would move to Gurugram and commute to work to Delhi.

Due to the proximity to other facilities in Delhi, it also saw a lot of retired government officials settling down post-retirement without snapping their ties with Delhi and its institutions.

Slowly Gurugram started to grow, and the industrial set up started to come-up in Udyog Vihars with Maruti providing the anchor role. This was in the 80s. As a result lot of migrant workforce from outside Gurugram made the city their home. The city’s character started to change.

Slowly it was no more a “Gaon” but morphing into a “Town”, albeit at a slow pace. This was the pre-liberalization era. The times when DLF and Ansals were busy developing DLF Phase 01, 02 and Palam Vihar respectively. Then the Economic liberalization happened and India saw an influx of multinationals and IT/ITES companies. These businesses created a demand for big plate office spaces and thus quickening the pace of “Gurugram’s” development.

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India has absorbed the gains of the last 02 plus decades of the liberalized economy and would very soon be embarking on yet another phase of “Economic Growth” fuelled by a combination of “Factories” and “Services”. At the current pace of growth, India should double its economy by the year 2028 to $ 5 Trillion Dollars. This growth would be driven in large part by the growth of the “Private Enterprises”. The share of government production/undertakings will continue to decline in terms of “economic participation”.

Thus cities like Gurugram will start coming of age. A whole new generation of people would be born, educated and work in Gurugram who would have no connections to Delhi. There would soon be Gurgaonites who will not visit Delhi except for taking a flight. It is likely that Gurugram will have its own Airport, first in Haryana, in next 15 odd years, given the pace of growth.

As of today, Gurugram is maturing as a city and is slowly coming out of the shadows of Delhi.

The city has now started developing its own suburban neighborhoods on the “Sohna Road”, “Dwarka Expressway”, “Golf Course Extension Road” and the “New Gurgaon Areas”. Out of these,Sector 76 to 95 is what would constitute the New Gurgaon Area.

New Gurgaon Area


Now, what makes New Gurgaon unique and in my analysis poised for “Capital Growth” are the following factors.

  1. Connectivity to the Central Business Districts of Gurgaon viz the “Cyber City”, “Sector 32/44”, “Udyog Vihar” and the upcoming sector 74 “Linearly” via the NH8.
  2. It also gets connectivity with the Dwarka Expressway and hence would be directly connected to the “Western” and “South Western Delhi” through this road.
  3. This is the only area in Gurugram which is also flanked by the heavy industrial base of “Manesar” and “Dharuhera”. Also, it gets flanked by the “KMP” (Western Peripheral Road) which is nearing completion.
  4. This area has seen a lot of growth in the “Warehousing & Logistics Business” which will further see enhanced growth owing to the implementation of “GST” and with the “KMP” coming up it would be a really big“economic activity” in this area.

Hence New Gurgaon is uniquely sandwiched between the “Services and IT/ITES spaces” of Gurugram and “Manufacturing and Logistics Prowess” of “Manesar/Bilaspur/Dharuhera”.

All these economic activities will result in a lot of demand for “Residential Real Estate” in New Gurugram. Once the “Residential” activity starts gaining momentum and then starts settling down other Real Estate will also continue to keep getting demanded as per the product hierarchy.

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Now,“New Gurgaon” is a very new development and hence has been planned before being established. Hence it hopefully rectifies the errors of the earlier areas of Gurugram.

The “New Gurgaon” area development provides for all town level amenities, has provision for broad sector dividing arterial roads, schools etc. Hence at the present level of economic growth retrofitting would not be required in New Gurugram.

Therefore in my analysis “New Gurugram” would be a good bet in next 10-15 years both from a handsome Capital Growth and an equally good return through rental from the asset.

What needs to be seen is the price at which the purchase is made, which has been a theme I have been harping on since always. If purchased at the right price then as compared to Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road the “New Gurgaon” holds more promise for an investment due to present Capital rates being on the lower side.