Olive Green Realty

Olive Green Realty is a Real Estate Investment Advisory Firm located in Gurugram. Established in June of 2010 by Captain Vipul Choudhary (had served with 4/8 Gorkha Rifles), it is fast acquiring a reputation for its honest, independent and customer-focused investment advisory solutions in the Real Estate domain.

Our Credo


Safety of my clients’ investment comes first, always and every time


My team member’s welfare and training comes next


My own ease and comfort comes last, always and every time

About the Author

capt. vipul choudhary

Capt Vipul Choudhary

Founder and Principal, Olive Green Realty
Captain Vipul Choudhary is a Real Estate Investment professional with critical market awareness. His advice is based on thorough research of product fundamentals, financial principals, and legal due diligence. He is process oriented with a clear focus on growing investor wealth. His investment philosophy is – Focus on fundamentals, avoid speculation, start early, start small and grow through long-term compounding. Captain Vipul had served with 4/8 Gorkha Rifles, is an alumnus of Management Development Institute (MDI), a member of Rotary International and a member of Business Network International (ex - BNI Member).